Kunle Afolayan
About Me

A notable Actor, Producer and Director with a degree in Economics. He’s been active in the Nigerian Film Industry since 2005 and has since gone ahead to produce films that have done well both locally and internationally receiving notable awards.

He has made several films such as Irapada(Redemption), The Figurine(Araromire), PhoneSwap, The CEO, Omugwo, October 1, Mokalik, Citation and Swallow. He is the owner and founder of Golden Effect Pictures; in film equipment & rentals, and film consulting company and KapHub which embodies Kap Film and Television Academy, Kap Television, Kap Cinema, Kap Motion Pictures; involved in film production, Afefeyeye Restaurant & Bar and Ire Clothings.

Kunle Afolayan struck a deal with Netflix in 2021 to make three original films with the first being “Swallow”, which is a screen adaptation of Sefi Atta’s book with the same title.