Mastercard & KAP E-Learning Program

For the Mastercard Foundation E-Learning Programme

Netflix & USC School of Cinematic Arts

KAP Film and Television Academy Maiden Graduation Ceremony 2022

Mastercard & KAP E-Learning Program

Students will specialize in a specific area of filmmaking, getting in-depth learning then hands-on experience during an internship program.

KAP Physical Master Class

Are you ready to make your own movies? Elevate your skill and get hands on experience to work on your own film.

Learn from industry professionals and veterans about scriptwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, and much more.

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About Us

The KAP Film and Television Academy is a film production learning institution imparting prospective filmmakers with film industry knowledge through a robust curriculum as well as first-hand learning from tried and tested industry experts, ultimately inducing capacity building within the industry in Nigeria and globally.

Located in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, the KAP Film and Television Academy offers both offline and online courses in a wide array of filmmaking courses.

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Industry Experts

Our Facilities

Film Academy

Classrooms equipped for interactive learning, state-of-the-art editing and sound production suites, and sound stage studio

KAP Cinemas

Right on campus, students can showcase their films on the big screen to get the full effect.

Golden Effects Services

Access to the best in film equipment, film consultancy, and line production.

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