Minwon Metong
Sound Engineer
About Me

Minwon Metong is an experienced Sound Recordist and designer, producer and full filmmaker. His  Career Experience, Includes working with Churches, Popular Brands, TV Stations and TV Production Companies such as Red TV, Multichoice Talent Factory, ALC Media, Raconteur Productions, Nostalgia Media, ALO 365 Media, Nsibidi Media, Conceptified Media, Azure Studios amongst many Others.


In the Last 3 Years, Minwon has focused on providing Sound Recording & Sound Design solutions For Africa’s Film & Entertainment industry. He is experienced in audio recording in film, documentary & TV Production sets, Designing Sound (Editing & Mixing Dialog/Voice-overs, Sound Effects/Foley, and Music),  Teaching Sound Recording / Design and Video editing, Audio-Visual Content Production, Live sound mix for studio amongst others. 

He has done sound recording for a number of films, documentaries and TV series. A number of them include ‘Dreamchaser’ & ‘Life Of Bim’ in 2019 for MultiChoice Talent Factory, 120 episodes of ‘ELENINI’ an Africa Magic original, 10 Episodes of TV Drama Series titled ‘Grind’ 2021,12 Episodes of a TV show titled ‘It’s A Match’ for Honey DSTV 2021. On Short Films such as ‘Wole’s Revenge’ 2019, ‘Ananze and the Zipman’ 2020, Yours Internal 2020, ‘Sunday Night’ 2021, ‘Buried’ 2021 and for documentaries he did that of Makoko (2019), Eye of an Artist (2020), Cardinal Rex Jim Lawson the (King Of Highlife) 2020, ‘Absentee Marriage’ 2021.

He has also worked on the sound postproduction of the following films ‘Wole’s Revenge’ 2019, ‘Yours internal’ 2020, Ananze and the Zipman’ 2020, ‘Bride Untangled’ 2020, ‘Omugwo’ 2020, ‘Etudaye 2021’, ‘11th commandment’ 2021,3 Reasons’ 2022,‘The Father’ 2020, ‘The Ring’ 2021, ‘Bicuriosity’ 2021, ‘Agbero’ 2021, ‘Oga Festus’ 2021, ‘Homeland’ 2022, ‘Asoegun’ 2022  alongside many other Documentaries, TV shows, Campaigns and Adverts