It cannot be overemphasized that the Nigerian Film industry is the biggest in Africa. Tracing back to the roots will have us talking about the works and life of legends like Adeyemi Afolayan (Adelove), Hubert Ogunde, Duro Ladipo and many others who tread the path of film and drama in Nigeria

Today, posterity enjoys the legacy of these historic great men.

Ever since the emergence of film in the 1920s, the industry has witnessed the rise of different artists who have all either tried to maintain the standard or make it better, which is why today, the Nigerian film industry popularly known as Nollywood stands tall, being the largest in Africa and second largest film producer in the world.

The growth of the industry as expected spurred people on to acquire filmmaking skills, home, and majorly, abroad.

KAP Film & Television Academy, founded by Kunle Afolayan was set up to provide quality film literacy that helps the talented become skilled and the skilled, more knowledgeable.

In this time and age where tech is the “next occupation”, there is no better time than now to train the next crop of film gurus and professionals. 

Anyhoo, you might have heard about the buzz going round town concerning KAP Academy and if you’ve been looking for clarity, make sure you read this till the very end.

KAP Film & Television Academy, USC School Of Cinematic Arts and Netflix.

The University of Southern Carolina School Of Cinematic Arts, Netflix and KAP Film & Television Academy partnered to ‘’train the next crop of Nigerian filmmakers” in Kunle Afolayan’s words.

This program has began with a scholarship sponsored by Netflix for a 10 Week Advanced Cinema Editing Workshop where 10 students were shortlisted. This program will be running concurrently in different courses as time goes on

This particular program is for experienced filmmakers who seek to expand their knowledge and in order to make the learning process as inclusive as possible, the courses have been developed to be intensive and completely hands-on.

At the end of the 10 weeks, the students will receive certification from USC School Of Cinematic Arts and KAP Film & Television Academy.

Master Card’s Young Africa Works In Partnership With KAP Film & Television Academy.

The KAP Film and Television Academy, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation through its Young Africa Works strategy, has developed the KAP Learning App, an e-Learning program, to bridge the skills gap between the thousands of young people who want a career in film and television and the dearth of experienced personnel within the industry.

Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy of enabling young people across Africa with access to dignified work, particularly women, is supporting the KAP Learning App by ensuring that fees are affordable and by providing full time scholarships to outstanding individuals.

Basically, Young Africa Works is a foundation by Mastercard that aims to help increase employment rate in Africa by equipping the youth, especially women, with the needed skills that will skyrocket them to the next level in their career.

The foundation kicked off in 2018 and it plans to reduce poverty rate in Africa by increasing employment rate by matching skills to their proper market.

For instance, a person skilled in engineering should not be found seeking job opportunities in Real Estate Management. This is a mismatch that tangles the career web in Africa, hereby creating a mess.

In context, Young Africa Works says “ Are you a film enthusiast? Say no more, we know where you can get equipped with the necessary skills, we’ll make it affordable and accessible to you. Go, be a star!’’

There are 3 different planes of learning at this program, check them here.

We’re currently taking applications for this program and its outstanding feature is that it aims at taking on 300,000 students in 3 years!

To be a part of this level breaking move, click here.

Giving, they say, is receiving. This collaboration will mark the birth of a new era for the Nigerian film industry, the phoenixes are rebirthing, the son is becoming the father of the child and younglings are being nurtured.

Now that you have all you need to chase your dreams, what would you do?


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